How to Properly Display Custom Clothing – Shop Fitting for Clothing Stores Tips & Ideas

When you’ve put a lot of hard work and effort into designing custom clothing, it’s only natural that you’d want to showcase your expert designs in the best possible light.

After all, how you display your personalised goods or customised apparel could help you secure a competitive advantage. 

Custom clothing like printed t-shirts offer a one-of-a-kind experience for customers, attune to their particular needs and desires. However, if your retail displays aren’t up to standard, this message may fall flat and land on deaf ears.

Continue reading as we explore our top tips and ideas to help you achieve the best results when choosing shop fittings for clothing stores. 

Tip 1: Use Gondola Retail Displays

Gondola retail displays are freestanding display fixtures with a flat base and shelves or hooks which you can use to display your products. Gondolas are a great way to create rows of shelves at the end of an aisle to showcase high-end or unique items.

Make sure to carefully think about where you place the Gondola display stand. You’ll want to find an area that’ll attract customers and capture their attention at the right stage of their buyer journey. 

Tip 2: Opt For Wall-Mounted Clothing Racks 

If you want to display custom shirts, sweatshirts, or other varieties of tops, a wall-mounted clothing rack might just be the ideal shop fitting for your clothing store.

Wall-mounted clothing racks are eye-catching, effective and easy to assemble. They’re also a great way to add style to your store without taking up floor space. 

We’d recommend pairing wall-mounted clothing racks with shelving below to display complimentary clothing options.

Tip 3: Consider a 2-in-1 Clothing Rack and Shelf

If you offer custom garments and footwear in your retail store, a 2-in-1 clothing rack and shelf (with space to hang clothes on the rail and showcase your shoes on a shelf on top) might just be your best bet. 

This type of retail display can be presented in high-traffic areas of your store, which places your personalised garments front and centre for browsing customers. They also offer a fantastic opportunity to cross-merchandise your products.

Make sure to avoid overstocking this rack as otherwise your custom clothing may get lost in the crowd.

Tip 4: Create an Immersive Retail Display For Your Customer

If you want to make a good impression with your customers, it’s important to create an immersive retail experience. Immersive retail experiences go beyond simply selling a product to make a visit to your store an occasion to be remembered. 

When showcasing a one-of-a-kind product, you want to do everything you can to emphasise its uniqueness.

Often, the trick here is to deliver a simple yet effective product display. Consider planning and designing a feature wall that boldly displays your custom clothing product.
If you’re looking for shop fitting for your clothing store, a leading retail design company can help.