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Supporting Jobs in the Print Industry at this Crucial Time

Buy your t-shirt to help the print industry here.

Coronavirus has caused some huge disruptions to the way we live our lives. We’re being asked to stay inside, cancel our plans, and work from home.

There’s lots of reports in the news about how this will affect many sectors, bars, restaurants, and others in the leisure industry. However, these businesses closing, and many others making cuts, are having a domino effect.

The printed clothing industry, which supplies the uniforms to businesses up and down the country, the bags you get at trade shows, and the brightly coloured t-shirts worn by helpers at concerts and events, has seen a huge decline in demand.

How We’re Helping

At A.M. Custom Clothing, we recognise that our industry needs help to protect the jobs of hard-working people, and we want to do our bit.

So we’ve decided to set up an online shop selling a selection of specially designed t-shirts, all aptly themed around current events.

Each t-shirt will be made by a different company. We will contract our friends in the print industry to produce these products, spreading the revenue generated to as many businesses as possible, and in turn protecting as many jobs as we can.

While the government is promising to pay wages from employees who aren’t working, we need to help keep these businesses open so they can go back to work when we have beaten the virus.

How You Can Help

Many people are going through their own crises at the moment, and we understand many can’t help.

But if you can, in return you’ll get a high quality, 100% Fairtrade Organic cotton t-shirt that is printed with a humorous design that helps to show the world we still have a sense of humour, and that we stand together.

And when your t-shirt arrives, thank your post person for their continued hard work. Then share photos of you wearing it (inside of course), so we can all show how we’re helping come together at this tough time.

Together we will fight COVID-19. Together we will keep our skilled printers in jobs.

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