Garment embroidery

Embroidery Machines: How to Choose the Right One for You

Garment embroidery

Embroidery machines provide an efficient way to apply stitched designs onto fabric and clothing. The designs that they are able to produce are generally either created by users, or by a third party and bought for usage on the machines.


Key Features to Look For When Buying Embroidery Machines

Before buying embroidery machines, consider the following factors first:

  • Embroidery Scanner - This can scan custom designs and turn them into stitches.
  • Hoop - This is the embroidery tool that can hold the fabric to make it steady.
  • Presser Foot - This is an instrument utilized to hold the fabric to make it steady and give support and stability to the fabric that it is being embroidered.
  • Bobbin - This is the spool that holds the thread. The bobbin thread forms the stitches on the underside of the garment.
  • Automatic needle threaders - This feature is very important so that you won’t have to thread needles anymore to save time and effort.
  • Tearaway Backing - This allows the excess to be separated after the garment is embroidered.
  • Cutaway Backing - It allows cutting the excess with the use of a pair of scissors.
  • Mirror-image Capability - This allows balance and symmetry when creating a pattern.


The Different Types of Embroidery Machines

Embroidery Only Embroidery Machines – These models are only for embroidery, and can be an excellent accompaniment for sewing machines. They are also very portable which is ideal for home owners who love embroidering.


Combination Embroidery Machines – These types of embroidering machines have the ability to combine embroidery and sewing features all into one machine. They are best for sewers and tailors who want to embroider too.


Commercial Embroidery Machines –  This is the type of machinery companies like A.M. Custom Clothing use for embroidery. This can be used for t shirt embroidery, shirt embroidery, uniform embroidery, workwear embroidery, retail garments and much more! 

As a result of multiple needles, many colours can be setup at the same time, making this highly efficient. These are perfect when professional embroidery is required. You can find out more about our embroidery service here.


If you're looking to embroidery from home, there are a wide array of embroidery sewing machines available on the market. With the right machinery, there are very few limitations around what you can do with embroidery.

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