What Does Your Choice of University Clothing Say About You?


What does your choice of university clothing say about you?

It is said that you could tell a lot about a person by their choice of clothing. At university you can certainly tell their name and their group at least!


Being part of club, group, team, or society is an enormous part of being at university and it is common to see these groups differentiate themselves by wearing a particular style of print clothing (often the printed hoody!). With personalised clothing freely available online from printed clothing companies.

At A.M. Custom Clothing we’ve put together a guide to help you spot who’s who.

Sports Teams

Printed clothing of choice for sports teams is most commonly the tracksuit/jogging bottoms, hoodies and other garments that tell the world about their involvement all things sport. Flipflops are worn all year round by the rugby and football teams alike.

The Hall Committee

These are the people who love to “be a part of something” and “get involved”, and they want to know exactly what they are apart of. Since they’re not bound by a sports label they often order their printed clothing from companies like A.M. Custom Clothing. They’re garment of choice are often printed polos, t-shirts and hoodies.

Departmental Clothing

Believe it or not, there are those people at university who adore their lessons so much they feel the need to show it by wearing clothing brandishing their department or course name. The two most popular choices are printed t-shirts and printed hoodies, although the latter works better in the cold and wet British weather. These students are not usually into sports, so their clothing helps to show their friends that they really are at university.

All Day Ravers

Remember those free promotional t-shirts you got given during freshers week? Well this last group are the ones that wear them all year round, some when they’ve finally run out clothes and have nothing left to wear whilst they do their washing. The others have too hungover to really care what they wear.

A.M. Custom Clothing is a provider of printed clothing for universities, teams, clubs, societies and groups. Using a range of print methods, including screen printing, DTG, digital transfers and embroidery.

If you are interested in printed clothing for your club or society, you can request a quote or call on 01244 456 110.

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