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Three Reasons Your Church Needs Printed T-shirts


1. Identity

They help to identify a person as belonging to the church that can help. If you have new people coming to your church, you want them to feel comfortable. A friendly face can really help to do that, so having them identified by a printed t-shirt can really help this process. Custom branded church t-shirts make your volunteers and staff much more approachable for directions, questions and started a conversation.

2. Increased Sign Ups

Getting volunteers from the congregation helps to bring unity from the church body, and makes the church more than just Sunday service. There’s something inherenty special about belonging to something bigger than you, and getting involved with your church can give you that feeling. Custom printed t-shirts are a great way to create a feeling of community with your church and are an excellent way to show appreciation for signing up and donating time. And afterwards, the t-shirt is a nice tangible memory to remember the experience.

3. Branding

Custom printed t-shirts are a great way for your church to communicate its name and brand. Think of all of the advertising you get from your congregation walking around outside, wearing your church’s t-shirts. This can help bring the church into the community, make the public more familiar with it and the activities it gets involved in, and start conversations where your congregation give a personal recommendation for the church. T-shirts can also be a great gift for newcomers as a thank you for signing up, and hopefully between the great service, friendly congregations and their new t-shirt, they’ll be inspired to come back and even bring some friends!

A.M. Custom Clothing is a custom printed clothing company, with a wealth of experience in working with churches throughout the UK. You can read case studies about our work with churches here. Or if you are looking to purchase clothing for your church you can request a quote or call us on 01244 456 110.

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