The Humble White T-Shirt


Looking to attract some more good looking people of the opposite (or same) sex? Then you will need to splash some expensive designer clobber. At least that is what all of us believe.

Instead, you could splash on an ordinary white tee shirt with the letter T on it. Apparently, you may be better off with the T shirt. Research has shown that wearing this kind of item of sartorial elegance may increase a man's appeal by a remarkable 12%.

For the research, male subjects of different body shapes wore an ordinary white tee shirt with a big black letter T down the center, along with one showing an inverted T plus one with no T without any. The images were then shown to 30 undergraduate students between ages 18 and 25.

The results were revealing.

A white tee shirt with an upright T on it elevated male attractiveness by on average 12%, but it had an even greater impact on the perceived attractiveness of males with a few extra pounds. Toned males were also seen as more appealing when wearing the tee shirt and vertical T, but not by as much.

The scientists from Nottingham University who completed the research said the basic white tee shirt and vertical T emphasises a man’s V shape - larger shoulders declining to a slimmer waist. The broader barred T appears to emphasise the top chest when vertical, which highlights men optimum form, said psychiatrist Andrew Dunn, who lead the study. Toned men can get an appeal increase simply by sporting a well-fitted bright T shirt, which emphasises their natural shape V.


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