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Cotton vs Polyester


Polyester, king of 70’s retro fashion, source of static electricity, shiny look and smooth to touch. Sounds attractive doesn’t it?

The world is changing, and we're looking for much better products that perform whenever we become that sweaty, gasping, and hunched over case of somebody who has simply overdone it.

As a result, polyester has returned, but it’s been upgraded!

Restyled for the 21st century, it provides natural wicking qualities to move sweat away from the body and contains natural antiseptic attributes so you can stuff it in your gym bag following a work out rather than stress that it is going to grow its own arms and legs from the microorganisms you've just soaked it in.

The Army use it to kit out their infantrymen with close fitting foundation layers to shield against the cold while providing what fast drying ability that is vital if you're working very hard outside. The excellent news is that there's an enormous variety of polyester garments prepared to choose embroidery and screen printing. There are several things to consider when selecting polyester.

  1. Polyester is not going to take multi color screenprints and is better for single color prints.
  2. Since embroidery needs a comparatively hefty weight to grasp to some polyester garments will not be overly thick, so you should assess the weight. Besides that, it's quite easy. If you're working outside and trying to find a something that is sporty, with perspiration control, wind protection and something light to reduce drag, then contemplate polyester.

If you are looking for sublimated clothing, then polyester is your only choice since the chemical process does not work with cotton.

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