Screen Printed T-Shirts in Guerilla Marketing

So you have a business, charity, university society, or an event organised. Now all that you need is some word-of mouth to get some people interested. Radio and TV are wonderful methods for getting the message out, but are really expensive. Internet discussion boards are free, but possess a limited audience. You need an affordable, but eye catching way to sell yourself to the public. With minimal cost, you can turn your mates, clients, family or anyone else into a walking billboard. Most types of marketing methods are very short lived. The Television or radio ad you purchase is only going to run for a fixed period of time.

To get these advertisements on the air or in publications again, you are going to have to fork out more income. With screen printed t-shirts, you get more bang for your buck since your ad runs each time someone wears your shirt. The quality t-shirts may last for many years. Which implies that for a minimal investment, you may get years of good marketing by selecting to use screen printed t-shirts to promote your company. One other good thing about the screen printing t-shirts as a promotional tool is the goodwill they create.

By giving away t-shirts to the public, you are making a favorable impression of one's business in their minds. When someone asks them about their t-shirt, they will more than likely have something good to say about you or your company. When people are wearing the t-shirt that you gave them, they think you have done them a favor by giving them a free t-shirt, when in fact they are doing you favor by advertising your company. Once you get people to wear your company t-shirt you create an affiliation between them and your company.

Since many individuals choose their clothes to represent their personality, get them to wear your t-shirt to wrap you in their identification. Since humans are social animals, their family and friends look favorably on your company because someone they know is wearing its logo. Can radio or TV really provide something like this? The answer to this question is a resounding no. Screen printed t-shirts are a tool utilised in a commercial tactic known as guerrilla marketing. Guerrilla marketing uses cost effective, but extremely visible ways of branding and message distribution to collect interest and curiosity for a company or a cause. Other forms of guerrilla advertising include sign wavers, giveaways and public relations stunts.

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