4 Reasons to Buy Organic Clothing for Your Baby or Child

Organic Kids Clothing

You’ll have to make a lot of choices as a parent. And usually the information surrounding each choice is contradictory and not particularly clear, we’re not parenting experts, education professionals, nutritionists, or many other things. But, we do know about organic clothing, so we thought we’d try to give some no nonsense information on this matter. Here are 4 reasons why you should buy organic clothing for your offspring.

1. Better Quality

Under current market conditions, it is generally expected for there is a higher cost involved in producing organic cotton, to those produced in more contemporary ways. For this reason, companies producing them have to provide a better quality garments to be able to justify the premium price, and demonstrate value for money.

2. Good for skin

There are many arguments that the lack of pesticides and other chemicals used to produce organic clothing, means that they are gentle on the skin. There are arguments on either side, and the decision will always be a personal one.

On one side of the argument you’ll hear that chemicals have been in these products for decades, and many people wear them without problems. But at the same time, there are also many who say that their skin is irritated by non-organic products.

It is quite plausible that chemicals can irritate sensitive or delicate skin, and children and babies of course have skin that is thinner, more porous, and more sensitive than adults. Therefore skin friendly, chemical free, organic clothing could definitely be a good choice to make.

In a completely unscientific survey in the A.M. Custom Clothing office, the majority of people felt that organic clothing was softer than non-organic alternatives, in a blind “feel test”. And who wouldn’t want their baby in the softest clothes possible?

3. Leave a better future for your child

It’s a given that your child has a longer future ahead of them than you, so they’re going to feel the effects of climate change for much longer than you. Buying environmentally friendly products, like organic clothing will help to reduce contamination of water tables, and other elements of the ecosystem.

4. Change the market conditions in the future

As well as protecting the environment, the more people that buy organic clothing, the more of market will be forced to respond to this growing demand. Growing consumer demand for more ethical products will be the most effective way of improving conditions in the textile industry.

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