Sustainable Sublimation Printing


*2019 Update* Due to supply issues we’re not currently stocking this product, and are only able to supply standard polyester dye sublimation t-shirts. We’re working to ensure we’re able to bring this product back in the future if possible.

We have great news for all of our existing sublimation customers, as well as those who are considering sublimation printing. We’ve reduced our minimum order quantity!

Our minimum order is now just 50 products, for both sublimation and cut and sew services. Making it more affordable and accessible to a wider group of customers.

But it gets better! As leaders in sustainable textiles, we’re excited to announce the launch of our environmentally friendly and ethically certified sublimation t-shirts. Created using recycled polyester, and certified by the Fair Wear Foundation; these sublimation t-shirts are the most environmentally and ethically sound sublimation products on the market.

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