A.M. Price Match Promise – Sustainability That Protects Your Bottom Line

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Since our founding, A.M. Custom Clothing has had sustainability at our core. All of our products have a focus on the sustainability of the environment, and/or the people on it. In many of our blog posts we talk about caring for the triple bottom line (planet, people and profit).

In our continued commitment to this, we’re excited to announce our A.M. Price Match Promise.

You already know, that when buying products from A.M. Custom Clothing your garments will have been produced with consideration made for the environment and the people involved in the supply chain. Now, thanks to the A.M. Price Match Promise you can buy knowing that we’ve also got the financial sustainability covered too.

How does the A.M. Price Match Promise it work?

You can find more information here. However, the simple answer is this: A.M. Custom Clothing promises to try to match any genuine, like for like quotation. If you can find organic clothing, Fairtrade clothing, ethical clothing, or any other sustainable clothing products, cheaper elsewhere: A.M. Custom Clothing will attempt to match, or even beat that price.

All you have to do, is contact us and let us know what you’ve found.

Now, you really can expect a full sustainable, triple bottom line protecting service from A.M. Custom Clothing.
Would you like to find out more?
If you would like to see what products are available to purchase under the A.M. Price Match Promise, check out our ranges of ethical clothing. You can also request a quote or contact us. Alternatively, you can call us on 01244 456 110

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