Fair Wear Foundation & Fairtrade Foundation

Fair Wear Vs Fairtrade

Many ask us the difference between Fairtrade and Fair Wear products. Both are quite similar in the sense that both are trying to achieve the same goal, with shared core values, however it’s the approach that is slightly different. Through this shared goal, but different approaches, both companies are often able to work together, complimenting each other. This cooperative approach is used throughout, with Fair Wear even having Fair Traders on their board, as well as the undertaking of multi-stakeholder efforts.
Below gives a clearer outline on the core differences between Fair Wear and Fairtrade.

Fair Wear Foundation (FWF)

The Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) is an independent non-profit organisation, working towards creating fairer, better working conditions within the manufacturing side of the garment industry. FWF holds 80 member companies across 120 brands based in 7 european countries. More than 20,000 retail outlets in over 80 countries sell member products.
The FWF focus on 15 production countries across Asia, Europe and Africa.

  • Fair wear holds brands accountable for where the products are sewn, cut, washed etc, thereby keeping a focus on the large manufacturing end of the supply chain
  • ILO labour standards in place protecting workers in manufacturing
  • Focus solely on the garment supply chain, rather than different industry sectors
  • Fair Wear pays individuals on a basis of how many hours they work

Fairtrade Foundation

Fairtrade Foundation, a UK based charity working to alleviate poverty and create sustainable development for producers in developing countries; focussing further down the supply chain on small producers rather than manufacturers. The Fairtrade mark enables small producers who are economically disadvantaged or marginalized to get a fairer deal on their produce. The Fairtrade Foundation is a member of Fairtrade International a non profit that involves 25 member and associate member organizations.

  • Fairtrade, has a focus on small producers in the developing world (down the supply chain), helping to alleviate poverty for these producers
  • Broader focus across an array of sectors ie. Cotton, Coffee, cocoa
  • They are guided by 10 principles
  • Fair Trade historically sets a fair price for smallholders selling his/her harvest

We supply both Fair Wear Foundation and Fair Trade Foundation products across multiple ranges. These can be distinguished by the logo used on the product pages, guaranteeing that the product is accredited by the appropriate Foundation. All of our standard ranges are ethically accredited.