7 Products Wedding Planners Can Offer To Environmentally Conscious Clients

Wedding invitation

A wedding is one of the best moments in one’s life. This occasion allows two people to unite in marriage. Moreover, a wedding may vary, depending on cultural tradition, social class, or country. 

Because weddings are such an important event, many people turn to wedding planners to help them get everything organised and take away some of the stress.

What is a Wedding Planner?

A wedding planner is a professional who organizes and manages a wedding for a living. Since a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, couples shell out a significant amount of money to hire a wedding planner. 

Here are some aspects that a wedding planner may be responsible for:

Choosing A Theme 

Choosing a theme depends on how you visualize your dream wedding. It serves as the basis for other components of the wedding. An example is a coffee-themed wedding. 

 Suggesting A Dream Venue 

A venue is the setting where you want the ceremony to be held. The number of guests must also be considered in order to choose an appropriately sized venue. A venue may be a special place for you and your partner. It can also be the beach, church, or any non-traditional venue you like. 

Preparing Details 

This task refers to  details such as colour schemes invitations, gowns, and others. This part is where the bride and groom agree on specific aspects about the ceremony. 

 The Procession

The procession refers to the moment when the couple walks down the aisle. It recognizes that both parties comee from different backgrounds, yet are now united as one. Traditionally, the bride is escorted by her father during the procession. 

 The Opening Remarks 

This part is an official remark or message that signals that the event has already started. It serves as a formality so guests can focus their attention on the couple. 

 Officiant Addresses The Couple 

The officiant emphasizes how meaningful this event is and how important the couple’s vows are. 

 Exchange Of Vows 

Also called traditional vows, these represent the promises that you will hold together with your partner. You may write your own vows if you want a more personal touch. 

 Ring Exchange 

The ring bearer will give the couple their rings, and each person is required to state a message before giving the ring to their better half. 

 Pronouncement Of Marriage 

This is the part where the priest says, “I now pronounce you husband and wife.” 

Official Kiss 

This is the couple’s first kiss as husband and wife. 

 Closing Remarks 

This is the part where the officiant closes the ceremony. 

The Recession 

This is the final section of the wedding ceremony, which signals the start of the wedding party.

Great Products For Environmentally Conscious Clients

In each part of the wedding, it is often necessary to purchase various products, such as invitations, giveaways, and dresses. Even before the wedding, bridal shower ideas, for instance, already necessitate essential items.

It’s relatively easy to plan the perfect wedding, but what if you or your guests are trying to live more sustainably?  If so, below are great product ideas you can suggest to your environment-friendly clients.

1 Ethical Wedding Rings

Ethical wedding rings are made from ethically sourced materials, such as conflict-free diamonds, recycled gold, and platinum. These are also made by way of low-impact manufacturing processes.

It’s hard to find an ethical wedding ring, but they can be made personally by an ethical wedding jeweller. 

Cotton tote bag
Sustainable tote bags are a great option to give your wedding guests

2 Sustainable Wedding Attire 

There are a lot of designers who care for the environment, too. They use natural processes and materials, creating sustainable products, such as environment-friendly bags and wedding dresses. Some ethical wedding dresses are made from pineapple leaves. This material helps in reducing non-biodegradable waste.

3 Potted Plants 

Potted plants can be excellent giveaways for your environment-friendly guests. One of the most significant advantages of using potted plants in weddings is that none of those lovely greeneries would end up in the garbage after the event. Aside from the environmental benefit, using potted plants can help you save money.

4 Eco-Conscious Invitations 

If you want people to attend your wedding, you’ll need to invite them. But invitations use paper and other materials and need to be shipped around the country or even the world. Your client may opt for completely digital invitations to cut out the waste and carbon emissions, but some people still want invitations that they can hold and keep forever. 

To make sure that your client’s wedding is memorable and appeals to eco-friendly visitors, you can suggest wedding invitations out of biodegradable paper. Make sure to choose paper with a high recycled content.

5 Use Decorations From Home 

Wedding decorations can easily eat up a couple’s budget. Fortunately, using decorations from their home may save them a lot of money. Some wedding decorations can be a waste, especially if they’re only meant for one-time use. Thus, using items from home can be help both the environment and the couple’s pocket.

6 Vegan Cake 

With your help, the couple may visit local bakeries that make vegan cakes, which are made without the use of animal products. Since there are so many eggs and dairy substitutes on the market these days, bakers have many options. 

If your client is vegan, you can also suggest for them to indulge in a delectable cake that doesn’t skimp on flavour, consistency, and appearance. You may also suggest using reusable decorations instead.

7 Ethical Makeup 

Makeup is an integral part of the wedding, and you can also make a difference by offering your clients eco-friendly makeup products.

You’re probably aware that animals are also used to test the majority of mainstream makeup products. Eco-friendly cosmetic products are often cruelty-free and vegan. Many eco-friendly brands have also implemented initiatives, such as refill schemes that reduce the amount of plastic used by ensuring that packaging is only bought once. You can also suggest for them to use glass packaging for a more environment-friendly makeup. 

Suggesting eco-friendly makeup for the activities leading up to your clients’ wedding is a great way to reduce overall waste, carbon emissions, and animal cruelty.

Final Thoughts

Eco-friendly products are important, particularly if your clients and their guests are living sustainable lives. These items help reduce waste and carbon footprint. Although your perspective may be different, your clients know that as much as they love the thrill of a big party, weddings can be pretty wasteful affairs. 

If you value the environment and want to please your environmentally conscious clients, show them that you understand them. Be creative and offer them eco-friendly items, like the ones listed above.