promotional sports event t-shirt

Promotional T-Shirt Printing for Events,Teams & Tough Mudder

promotional sports event t-shirt

Many people worry about print work on promotional t-shirts peeling off or cracking, when exposed to the elements, and rightly so. We too have seen many athletes on TV and other media get to the end of their event with their sponsors logos pretty much falling off their clothing (which simply shouldn’t happen!).


So to put your minds at ease, and push ourselves to our physical limits, we (myself included) decided to put our print work to the ultimate test. We took part in this years North West Tough Mudder event.


I personally lived and died (it really felt like it at the end of the event) in my A.M. Custom Clothing branded team t-shirt. I did all of my training in it, and on 8th September, I subjected it to freezing water, mud, barbed wire, a lake, and even more mud; alongside a healthy amount of sweat.


Despite a constant battering, being pulled and stretched in every direction, and about 5 washes (to get all of the mud out) - my branded t-shirt survived. In fact the print is still immaculate, and the t-shirt is still in great condition - so much so it’s going to become my post race gym/training t-shirt (it’s just so comfortable/well fitted!!).


The t-shirt I used was the Just Cool T, with a 1 colour custom branded logo print on the back. it’s Neoteric™ textured fabric ensures wickability and quick drying properties - ideal for sports & teamwear (or wading through a lake in my case). Additionally, if you are blessed with some sunshine the t-shirt offers UPF 30+ UV protection. This t-shirt is also Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certified - ensuring ethical manufacturing you can trust.

While you may not be taking part in what Tough Mudder claim to be “Probably the Toughest Event on the Planet”, it is important that your promotional custom t-shirts are durable - no matter what they’re used for. Even if it is just for a one off event, like a club night, or exhibition, people love something they can keep.


What’s more, if people keep wearing your branded t-shirts, beyond the event, you’ve not only exposed them to your brand, but also everyone else that sees them in your t-shirts. These people are now walking billboards, and brand advocates - and if your t-shirt is well made, this promotion can continue for years.


Tough Mudder have done a really good job of this with their own custom branded ‘Finisher’ t-shirts. This not only provides runners with something to keep, but creates a sense of comradery among the #MudderNation, with competitors wearing their t-shirts proudly long after the event has finished. This is great from a marketing standpoint, as it creates an inclusive community, a conversation starter with those who see it, and all-year-round marketing opportunities globally. All of that is gained from something as simple as a quality custom screen printed t-shirt. Instead of the cheapest t-shirt printing you can lay your hands on, maybe it’s worth looking for someone who can also provide the durability and quality that will keep people talking about you for years to come. It’s a small price for a big reward.


If you’re thinking of providing t-shirts for a large scale sports event, or are even thinking of competing in one as a team, we’d suggest going for polyester t-shirts designed for sports, as these provide great wickability and breathability ensuring you can perform at your best. You can read more about polyester t-shirts here. You can also purchase a wide array of custom branded performance t-shirts, and other custom teamwear from our online store here.


For more information on how to keep costs lower when purchasing your printed t-shirts, head over to our Help Centre, here, where you’ll find lots of handy tips.


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