The Benefits of Branded Tote Bags


Now that the entire UK must pay a 5p charge for carrier bags from shops, more and more people are turning to tote bags to carry their shopping from home. Since the charge’s introduction in Scotland, carrier bag use has dropped by 80%.

This leaves marketers with an opportunity to create walking billboards, at a very low cost.

Tote bags are one of the best products to use for customising, or printing your branding/logo. This is because they are cheaper than t-shirts, and offer a large, flat surface for printing on 2 sides. They’re durable, and will always have a use.

Who are tote bags good for?

  • Retail: Customers use bags when shopping, when buying more than two or three products, a bag is a necessity. A bag that is big enough, durable and practical will be used time and time again. Retailers can either use them as a free giveaway or offer them for sale, both help the retailer to reduce costs.
  • Meetings, Events, Conferences and Trade Shows: We’ve all been there, lots of freebies are great, until you can’t carry any more. Getting a tote bag to collect stacks of handouts and goodies received at events is usually welcomed by attendees. Plus, they can be reused again for shopping.
  • Non Profits, Church, Civic and Community Groups: Bags can help build awareness of these groups' causes and work as people carry them whilst shopping.
  • Universities: Students carry a lot of books, and like all people, they have to shop. Especially with a 5p carrier bag charge, this increases the opportunities for students to carry bags carrying university logos across campus and the city they’re in.

Are tote bags right for me?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Will people using my bag be likely to use them in areas where large numbers of potential customers hang out?
  • Does my potential audience naturally use tote bags? (Note that 80% less carrier bags are now being used)
  • Does what I offer easily fit in a tote bag?
  • Does what I offer require the use of a bag?

Which bag should I use?

A.M. Custom Clothing provides a number of customisable tote bags that are suitable for printing logos or other branding. All are suitable for most print methods, including screen printing and DTG.

The bag you use depends on the type of ethical and environmental standards you want, amongst others we have Fairtrade bags. Cheaper alternatives are also available, however you may need to contact us.

The size of the handles, colour, and level of quality are also important when deciding which bag you should use. Typically, long handles can be so long that the bag can scrap on the floor, unless it is carried over the shoulder.

Looking for custom printed tote bags?

Check out our shop for our range of tote bags. Or click here to request a quote.
You can also call us on 01244 456 110.


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