What format does artwork need to be in for embroidery?

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The Requirements

When embroidering onto garments, we advise providing all artwork in vector format, as this ensures the best and most accurate results. We accept .ai & .eps vector files, as well as vector PDF files. In some cases we are able to use .PSD files, of 300dpi or more.

Why is this necessary?

Vector artwork ensures the highest quality end results, as the artwork is of a higher quality and more accurate.

How do I get my files in this format?

When designing for print, we always recommend designing within Adobe Illustrator, especially when working with more simple designs. We can easily print from vector files using a number of print processes, embroidery included.

If you are not the designer yourself, simply ask your designer or design agency for the vector artwork files. They will be more than happy to send these over to you.

If you have any more questions in regard to embroidery or the artwork required, get in touch. If you would like a quote for screen printing, request a quote now.

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