branded cafe restaurant workwear uniforms

What Your Work Clothes Say About Your Business

branded cafe restaurant workwear uniforms

We all know that your clothes are part of the overall impression you leave with people.

And in terms of your work clothes, they also say a lot about your workplace environment, the quality of your work and your business. Whether you need to wear a uniform or a power suit, your clothes have a huge impact on how you feel, and that has a big impact on your workplace culture as a whole. Finding the perfect wear for work means different things for different jobs, but there's no denying that the right clothes influence your work in a lot of ways. Here are just a few examples:


Promoting Teamwork

Uniforms are a great way to promote teamwork on the job. But clothing with business logos can work just as well if you’re in a workplace environment that doesn’t allow for a uniform. A color scheme, uniform or logo both promote the business and designates the team! This is especially important in service industries and hospitality, which tend to be team-oriented businesses. But it can be equally important in work like construction, where clearly designating workers can keep everyone safe on the job.


Company Culture

Speaking of teamwork, hospitality and service industries require a lot of teamwork in the workplace to get the job done. And the environment you’re working in should be reflected in the clothes you wear. A high-end department store is going to have a very different culture than your local corner shop. The clothes you choose should be reflective of the company you work for, the clients you are cultivating, and the values the company holds. Can you imagine walking into a high-end department store, or a £500 a plate charity event, and the service doesn’t match the surroundings? Your company culture should show up in your style! But no matter where you're working, it should also reflect the highest quality, as a commitment to your brand's dedication to detail.



Some work environments just naturally have certain clothing requirements. Chefs, for example, need to wear comfortable clothes with no strings or fasteners that can get caught unexpectedly while in a busy kitchen. Spa and health workers need to put sanitation above all else, so clothing should be easy to clean, as well as being loose and comfortable, and suitable for working long hours. A busy construction site needs protective gear, and coveralls to help stay clean and safe on a job site. This cuts down on accidents caused by dangling strings or loose-fitting clothing. If you look carefully, there are practicalities with any job that make certain aspects of your clothes more valuable than others. Before you choose your workplace dress code, remember to take these practicalities into consideration.


Company Values

Especially in the service industry, it’s important that your work clothes reflect the values of the company you work for. This is about more than attracting the right clientele or dressing for success. For service industry professionals, it’s important your clients know that your company is concerned with their comfort. If your client is dealing with a recognizable brand, that brand needs to be reflected in your clothing. Wearing clothes of high quality reflects attention to detail and the highest quality products that clients can depend on.



The clothes you wear to work should be of high quality, but they should also be made to last. If sustainability speaks to your company’s values then you can opt for non-toxic and eco-friendly workwear. It demonstrates your commitment to building a greener future. It also means saving you money, and looking great on the job! Choosing fabrics and styles that last is good for you, good for the environment, and great for your company.



In order to feel confident at work, you need to feel comfortable! Discomfort and distractions can cost you up to two hours of productive work per day. Wearing clothes made of comfortable materials such as breathable cotton that fit appropriately can help increase productivity, creativity and overall happiness in your work environment.


Brand Awareness

Having matching logos on work clothes, or using particular color schemes offers an opportunity for free advertising, both when you’re working, and when you’re not on the job. Ideally, you’ll want something visible that can sustain many washes. If you’re looking for a great way to make sure a logo or monogram always looks its best, you can try screen print. For sturdier fabrics, you might choose to embroider a logo instead. There are lots of embroidery machines available if you’re looking to try your hand at personal embroidery; however, we use large commercial embroidery equipment to embroider your logo onto our workwear. This allows us to have the capacity to produce thousands of embroidered products a week.



You might think high fashion isn’t always a concern when thinking about promotional clothing or work uniforms. But in some cases, it can be quite important! Creating a distinctive style within a company can be done in a variety of ways. Luxury hotels, spas, or high fashion boutiques are great places to add a little style to your workplace. After all, when your work clothes look this good, it makes the work go by that much faster, doesn’t it?

There are many considerations when thinking about the appropriate work clothes. Beyond practical concerns, such as not wearing loose, ill-fitting or uncomfortable clothes, there are other factors to consider. Whether you’re looking to promote an event, change the company culture, or just create a style that better reflects the company’s values and aims, there’s no denying what you wear in the workplace says a lot about you. It reflects the job you do, the pride you take in your work, and can even help promote both the company and its values.


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