What is Organic Clothing?

Organic clothing can be quite a complicated mine field. We’ve already looked into what is Fairtrade clothing, so this time we’ll look at what makes organic clothing, organic clothing, and what benefits there are to buying it.

What is Organic?

There are many organic standards set by different governing bodies around the world, which can make it a little confusing when you’re comparing different organic products. For example, the European Union (EU) sets criteria that must be met to classify something organic, if it is intended for human consumption.

Generally organic standards ensure that raw materials have been grown without harmful pesticides or genetically modified organisms (GM). They prevent the use of harmful chemicals during production as well.

Why is Organic Important?

The whole process is aimed at preventing damage occurring to the environment through agricultural processes, and ensuring that the finished products contain natural elements that will not pose a threat to the adults and children wearing/consuming the organic products.

What is Organic clothing?

Since most people don’t eat their clothes, organic clothing is not covered by EU regulations and therefore requires its own standards. The standards that our organic clothing is made to, meet the following overarching principles:
Organic cotton is grown and processed without harmful pesticides and chemicals
Factories that process the clothing are audited to ensure higher working conditions for those producing the garments
Protection of the environment, animals and people

Why is Organic clothing better?

Organic clothing contains no allergenic, carcinogenic or toxic chemicals. This means that it will be better on your skin, and is less likely to cause irritation to those wearing it.

Many people choose organic clothes for their children and babies. This is because young, developing skin can be more sensitive, so keeping nasty chemicals away from them can only be a good thing.

Organic clothing helps prevent pollutants finding their way into the water table, poisoning wildlife, vegetation and people.

The key benefits are:
Organic clothing is better on the skin, and less likely to cause irritation to those with sensitive skin
An organic t-shirt doesn’t just feel great, but it is made with higher quality cotton and a better cut, so it’ll last longer and look amazing
Kids are not exposed to chemicals
For businesses that sell organic products, it aligns well with their values and provides a great marketing opportunity

Is Organic clothing more expensive?

Our customers are often surprised at how cheaply organic products can be. At the moment, expect to pay a little more for organic certified clothing, as this reflects the additional costs with producing the higher quality cotton. However, the quality will result in longer lasting garments that are certainly worth the little extra.

How do I get organic clothing?

You can find our range of organic clothing here. You can also get in touch with us on 01244 456110, or click here to contact us to ask us more.

A number of A.M. Custom Clothing’s product ranges are certified as organic.

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