A.M. Custom Clothing Attends Chester Good For Nothing January 2015

Not a week goes by in the A.M. Custom Clothing office where we use “work” as an excuse to socialise, drink and get involved in cool things. Being based in Chester is great for this, despite being a small city, there is constantly something happening. Just a couple of days ago, was one of our favourite regular events: Good For Nothing.

Good For Nothing events can not be explained better than by this guy, but in short they are group of incredibly diverse people working together to support local people and ideas that will have a social good. Good For Nothing focuses on doing, and not talking and claims to “support the true innovators”.

We’ve been to a number of the events organised by the Chester chapter, usually always located in the quirkiest, coolest and well hidden corners of our little, old, Roman city. These have included the inside of a tower on the Chester walls, many of the lovely pubs in the city, and most recently one of Chester’s greatest coffee shops: Harvest Moon.

At A.M. Custom Clothing, we love attending GFN events, and the social aspect behind it is something that really resonates with our ethos (we even made their bright yellow, organic, t-shirts).

The Chester chapter of Good For Nothing’s next event is on the 6th February at Moon Cafe & Bar. Come along, you’ll find what is probably the most diverse range of creative, professional, dynamic, and fun Cestrians in a single room. And you’ll even get the meet the lovely Alice and Holly.

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