Feel Good Friday – Innocent Drinks

Feel Good Friday has come round once again, and remarkably quickly! It’s that time of the week we introduce you to another fantastic feel good company we love!
If you would like to know a little bit more about Feel Good Friday, and how it started click here.

This week we want to talk about Innocent Drinks. They’ve had their fair share of press coverage and are in most supermarkets, so if you are yet to hear of them, then we’re pretty shocked! So really, it’s not so much of an introduction, just a reminder of a great company!
Innocent Drinks started back in 1999, following selling their smoothies at a music festival in London. The drinks went down a treat at the festival, so the founders decided it was worth leaving their jobs to pursue smoothies!
Since then they’ve had a rocky journey to the top, however after many highs and lows the brand have become a force to reckon with.
They hold a whole range of products now, from smoothies, to veg pots, providing the world with great, healthy, tasty products to keep them going throughout the day.

We love this brand, as they not only have a host of fantastic products, but they have sustainability as a top priority. The brand are very transparent, and endeavour to constantly lessen their environmental impact where possible. If you would like to see a little bit more about Innocent drinks, click here.