Good For Nothing (GFN) – Case Study

We’re passionate supporters of those doing great things for incredible causes, so we were really pleased when we got the opportunity to work with some of the amazing people at ‘Good For Nothing’ (GFN).

GFN curates a number of collaborative gigs across the country, each gig brings together a number of creative, diverse and talented individuals, of whom work together, applying their skills to social and environmental causes. The aim behind it all is to do a whole lot of good, but for nothing, helping a number of fantastic causes along the way!

The events are high energy, fast paced, productive and a whole lot of fun.

We were approached by GFN Chester Chapter, as a result of our strong ethical and environmental values, sitting in line with their own. This combined with a great finished result has lead to us having the opportunity to work with other GFN Chapters across the country.

To find out more about GFN click here.