Feel Good Friday – Introduction

So it started with ‘Fairtrade Friday’, however we’ve decided to expand a little, creating ‘Feel Good Friday’. We love everything Fairtrade has to offer, but we are also aware that there are numerous other bodies ensuring ethically and environmentally sound practices across the globe.
As well as this in some product supply chains Fairtrade isn’t always possible.

So what is Feel Good Friday? Feel Good Friday, is an opportunity for us share with you other great companies that we love, who are doing their part to have a positive impact on people and the planet through their company. Every other week we will share a different company, briefly covering their history, what they do that makes them special, as well as why we love them. Hopefully as a result we can help introduce you to some great new brands you haven’t heard of, or remind you of those you have!

So stay tuned for the next Feel Good Friday, where we will be posting our first Feel Good Friday company!

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