Industry News: The ‘cry for help’ labels

In recent weeks there have been a number of reports of 'cry for help' labels being sewn into garments from stores like Primark. The validity of these labels is still being debated, but their existence highlights the issues within the clothing industry with regards to working conditions. Last year we reported on the Rana Plaza disaster which left many dead, and many more injured.

The labels appear to be from clothing purchased several years ago, so we hope that external pressure from organisations such as Amnesty International will have helped to improve conditions, even just a little. But this doesn't negate the fact that working conditions in the clothing industry are abysmal and some strong leadership in the industry is what is needed to fix this. There are many claims of Corporate Social Responsibility, but it is difficult to judge the genuine from the green washing.

This is why A.M. Custom Clothing uses independent ethical and environmental accreditation to demonstrate the high standards we pride ourselves on. Whilst we by no means believe that we have the perfect solution, we do everything we can, and work with the best in the industry to improve our supply chains and the employment within them. The goal posts on this quest are always moving, as we make improvements, further areas for improvement appear.

To read more about our environmental and ethics standards, click here.
Read more about the 'cry for help' labels, here (The Independent).

The garment label image was sourced from The Guardian

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