Industry News: UK moves towards greener energy

Renewable energy naysayers have been recently dealt a blow by figures released last month. Hydro, wind and solar energy generation has increased by 43% in the last 12 months and account for around 20% of UK energy production.

IPPR think tank associate director, Will Straw stated the "figures show that renewable energy can play a major role in Britain's energy mix." He also said that the cost of installing and using renewable technology was falling and that a pause in onshore wind farms was bad for the the renewable industry.

Dr Doug Parr of Grenpeace UK added that onshore wind is the lowest cost method for producing low-carbon energy and that the UK is "nowhere near the limit of renewable energy".

A.M. Custom Clothing's A.M. Zero and A.M. Fairtrade ranges are produced in factories powered by renewable energy, with the A.M. Zero range having 90% reduced CO2 emissions, when compared to other products.

A.M. Custom Clothing director Alex Franklin comemented "the UK should be leading the way in green energy, but instead is behind some of our European counterparts. A.M. Custom Clothing is proud to carry ranges of garments that are produced using renewable energy and over time we hope to increase the amount of renewables used to manufacture our products."

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Wharrels Hill Wind Farm (Adrian King) / CC BY-SA 2.0

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