Fairtrade Friday – Tropical Wholefoods

It’s Friday! Time for our weekly Fairtrade Friday blog post, introducing you to a Fairtrade brand you may not already know about!
This week we want to introduce you to Tropical Wholefoods. Tropical Wholefoods was founded in the early 1990’s, by Kate Sebag and Adam Brett, while they were working in Uganda. The pair wanted to help farmers to sell their produce to European markets at fair prices.

They felt that sun dried fruits was the answer, as it was affordable (only requires the sun), as well as making use of renewable sunlight. In sun drying the fruits they were also able to extend the products shelf life and easily transport the produce.

Soon enough the demand for the products grew, and the company still to this day specialise in a variety of sun dried fruits.

The products make for a great snack or can be added to recipes. We’re really keen on the brand as the fruit tastes great and knowing it’s all Fairtrade ticks our ethical box!

If you would like to find out more head over to Tropical Wholefoods.