Fairtrade Friday – Green & Black’s

Last week was a busy one, in fact busy is possibly an understatement. Despite copious amounts of caffeine, we just didn’t have enough time to get our Fairtrade Friday blog post in, however thankfully this week it’s back! It’s that time of the week when we tell you about another Fairtrade brand that we love and the story behind them.

With Easter fast approaching we felt it was due time we started talking about chocolate again, this time Green & Black’s.
Green & Black’s was founded way back in 1991, by Craig Sams; it all started when he was sent a sample of organic cocoa beans. From these beans he had a sample of dark chocolate made up; of which he tried half of, with the rest being finished off by his wife Josephine. Josephine hadn’t had anything like it before and knew others would love the intensely delicious taste. Following this the Green & Black’s brand was born, named appropriately, with ‘Green’ symbolising the environmental principles and black reflecting the intense flavour.
The brand went on to create the UK’s first Fairtrade certified chocolate product and have gone from strength to strength since; boasting a wide and tasty range today!

So if you are looking for something a little bit special this Easter, look no further than Green & Black’s, with a fantastic range of chocolate eggs to treat loved ones (or yourself) to. All of which are Fairtrade certified ensuring fair conditions for producers as well a more positive environmental impact.