Fairtrade Friday – Ben & Jerry’s

Friday has come around again, so it's time for us to introduce you to another one of our favourite Fairtrade brands!
As you may have guessed the team here at A.M. Custom Clothing are big foodies and have a bit of a sweet tooth. On that note we felt it was only fair, to award this weeks Fairtrade Friday to Ben & Jerry’s!
Between the team we’ve gotten through a fair few tubs of their ice cream, so we feel pretty confident when it comes to talking about this delicious brand!
The brand started back in 1978, selling ice cream out of a gas station in Vermont, however after a number of months the pair realized despite their ice cream being popular, they weren’t actually making any money. So it was back to the drawing board, which lead to a change in strategy and by 1979 they were selling pints of their ice cream wholesale, out of the back of their VW campervan.
Over the following years the brand went from strength to strength, building up a reputation for great quality.

In 2006 they launched the world's first Fairtrade vanilla ice cream, which was just the start of their crusade to make ice cream fair. Now all of their pots have a Fairtrade stamp of approval on, so you know that every scoop is as fair as it gets.

Ben & Jerry’s are a fantastic forward thinking company and produce some great products, which you can pick up just about anywhere!
Our favourite flavour is the classic ‘Cookie Dough’, we never get sick of it!