We now stock Fairtrade!


Here at A.M. Custom Clothing, we feel ethics and the environment are of paramount importance, leading to our expansion into Fairtrade products, with the A.M. Fairtrade range.

Since the very beginning we have used ethically accredited garments, with the majority of our current lines being Fair Wear Foundation accredited, however we wanted to expand on this, enabling you to have access to the widest array of ethical and environmentally friendly garments, ensuring we can cater to whatever your needs.

Many ask us the difference between Fairtrade and Fair Wear.  The main difference between the two is that Fair Wear holds a focus on the  large manufacturing end of the garments supply chain, where as Fairtrade has a focus further down the supply chain on small producers.  This also leads to slightly different approaches, however  both are quite similar in the sense that they are trying to achieve the same goal, with shared core values. Through these shared goals, both companies are often able to work together, complimenting each other.

If you would like to know a little bit more about the ethics behind our garments Click Here.

So if you are looking for ethical Custom Clothing for your business, event, brand or band, we can help.