Making an impact in the future & today

Many ask why bother going eco with your garments, for a start it makes for some great marketing, and provides a simple way to boost your CSR. But on a more serious note it not only helps the environment and our planet, but also save people, both in the future and today..

It’s recently been highlighted that some of the biggest brands are not just having an impact on our environment, but are actually killing people in the process. The issue is too few people realize the extent of this problem, or simply ignore the issues.  With a little research it’s clear that some of the biggest brands are behind this mess, with pollution and contamination creating illness and death.

The video below, is very thought provoking in regard to this topic and well worth watching to hear a little bit more on how this is having an impact on people in todays world.

If this is an issue that concerns you and your company as much as it does us, then head over to our ‘A.M. Zero’ page, where you will find our core product line, with all of them produced under accredited conditions that help alleviate problems like those shown in the video.