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Show your customers your commitment to sustainability.

Your custom clothing is produced according to the highest global standards for sustainability and ethics.

The Sustainable Custom Clothing Alliance

Businesses, brands and bands like you, that partner with us for their custom clothing, are leading the way in sustainability and transparency, wearing their values every single day.

Show your customers your values

Show your customers and team that you’ve committed to a transparent supply chain, higher quality and genuine sustainability throughout your business. 

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Display our badge proudly on your website, packaging, and marketing materials to let your customers know you're making a difference.

Sustainably Sourced Workwear & Uniform Partner Badges

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Fairtrade t-shirts

Sustainable storytelling

Use our photos and the information provided below to highlight your dedication to sustainability in your marketing campaigns. Please link back to our partner page here, or our website when using these resources to ensure our content is used appropriately and not misrepresented by non-clients. By doing so, you not only showcase your genuine commitment to sustainability but also demonstrate your dedication to transparency.

Effortless sustainability storytelling: Seamlessly integrate compelling visuals and impactful facts into your marketing.

Transparency builds trust: Linking back to our website (or this page) reinforces your commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

Show, don't just tell: Authentic visuals speak volumes about our dedication to the planet.

Download photographs and resources

Companies already making a difference with A.M. Custom Clothing

Fairtrade screen printed t-shirts


Find out how we produced screen printed T-shirts certified highest social, ethical and environmental standards in the world. >>


Find out how Spotify continues to show the world what it means to be a leader in sustainability with its workwear. >>

direct to garment printing on t-shirts

YOOX Net-A-Porter

Find out how we produced screen printed T-shirts for the world's leading online luxury fashion retailer. >>

World-class sustainable manufacturing:

Eco-Friendly Materials: We use organic and recycled materials whenever possible to reduce our environmental impact.

Sustainable Production: We print with water-based, non-toxic, and biodegradable inks, use renewable energy, utilise 100% Phthalate-free screen printing inks and so much more.

Sustainable Packaging: Our packaging is made from recycled materials and is fully compostable or recyclable.

Orders produced on-demand: Your orders contribute to zero waste as we produce custom garments in real-time shortly after the order has been placed.

Clothing Recycling Program: We offer a convenient recycling program for customers to responsibly dispose of their used garments at the end of their life.

Ordering with us creates change

Brands that choose A.M. Custom Clothing are not just sourcing high-quality clothing; you’re making a real difference in the world. Your partnership with us has led to significant positive change:

Forest planting

3 forests planted between 2021-2023

stack of reused boxes

Over 1700 boxes saved in 2022 by reusing other people’s

windfarm project

16 tonnes of CO2 directly offset between 2021-2023

Because Transparency Matters

The European Commission and national consumer authorities found that 42% of green claims were exaggerated, false or deceptive. That’s why we source products from manufacturers who are externally certified by independent organisations. With reputable third-party certification, the standards on our products are guaranteed


Certifications vary across our product ranges, please get in touch if you require further information about certification.

Organic ethical t-shirts being manufactured

laptop with first website screenshot

Built on sustainability, from day one

Founded in 2012, two friends set out to disrupt the textile industry, having seen the poor ethical and environmental practices in fashion and retail. Our goal was to fix these same problems differently, by focusing on the millions of units produced annually for custom workwear, uniforms, merchandise, and retail. This isn't a recent trend for us sustainability has always been our foundation.

Our first-ever website from 2012

Sustainability and ethics, trusted by the worlds best:

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Main Clients
Main Clients
Printing clothing for brands, universities, charities and bands
Printing clothing for brands, universities, charities and bands
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