Our Actions

We are and continue to tackle issues important to our business, while upholding the values at the core of our business.

As a leading supplier of environmentally and ethically accredited custom clothing, we believe there are a number of actions A.M. Custom Clothing can take and continuously build on, to reduce our impact, alongside challenging the issues the company face. We further intend to go above and beyond legal requirements in relation to the environment and ethics within the textiles industry. We also intend to maintain innovation and development across the business, continuously improving our environmental and ethical standards.

Pollution -

  • We intend to reduce the emissions across supply chains where possible through the use of renewable technology, alongside efficient considered logistics (ie. water transport rather than air).
  • We aim to use organic cotton across a number of our ranges, of which should be externally certified to a high level, thereby ensuring harmful chemicals have not been used on the crops, helping to improve the health and safety of workers, as well as the health of end consumers.
  • We aim to ensure external certification is gained where possible to ensure no hazardous chemicals are found within our products, through use of organic cotton or Oeko-Tex 100 certification.

Supply Chains -

  • We aim to provide a comprehensive overview of all supply chains where available, ensuring transparency throughout.

Water -

  • We intend to have a minimal impact on water systems, through working in regions where the need for large scale irrigation is reduced where possible. We further make use of closed loop water plants, recirculating water; or where this is not possible, use purification systems turning wastewater into clean water. We try to ensure water is used responsibly across the supply chain, and further intend to educate those involved within our supply chain of the water challenges.

Certification -

  • Where possible we aim to make use of external certification, ensuring a non bias approach, and reliable/reputable marks of certification, ensuring our standards are guaranteed.
  • We aim to provide clear information on the certification across product ranges, ensuring an understanding can be gained.
  • We ensure all certification is kept up to date.

Waste -

  • We aim to make use of the 3 R’s (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse) across our business.
  • We intend to use waste in innovative ways where possible (eg. A.M. Recycled range).

Procurement -

  • We try to ensure procurement across the business falls in line with all of our values where possible, although it isn’t always feasible to tick every box.

Ethics -

  • We aim to ensure the highest ethical standards across our entire supply chain, this is ensured through external certification.
  • We choose supply chain partners that have strict standards of employment practices, equality, working hours, employee safety and welfare.
  • Supply chain partners should always pay workers a living wage