Keele University

Case Study

Keele University is one of the UK’s leading campus based University communities, with sustainability and ethical values at the core of its strategic aims. With this in mind it was no surprise that in 2013 when the SU played host to a number of sustainable fashion events, they boasted great success.

Having maintained this success in sustainable fashion events following, the University got in touch with a number of reputable suppliers in the sustainable textiles market - creating a shortlist of preferred suppliers for the University societies. With a reputation for exceptional quality and boasting a number of awards for our continued innovations in sustainability and ethics, A.M. Custom Clothing was selected as one of the preferred suppliers.

Since then we continue to work with a number of societies at Keele University, helping to provide them with environmentally and ethically sound products at affordable prices. As well as partaking in the university’s 2015 ethical fashion show.