Fair Wear Foundation & Workers Rights Consortium Reporting

How standards are reported by FWF (Core Policy)

1) Verification Audits:
FWF makes aggregate data available on FWF verification audits public. Available online.

2) Complaints Process:
FWF publishes reports on third party complaints. Available online.

3) Verification of Brand performance checks:
FWF publishes the outcomes of these brand performance checks, so stakeholders and the public can keep track of how companies are doing. Available online.

4) Annual Reports:
FWF commits to keep local stakeholders aware of developments at FWF that pertain to them, makes country strategy documents and other research public, and publishes an annual report. Available online.

If an affiliated company fails to make adequate
progress in upholding its FWF commitments and the intensive process aimed at getting the company back on track fails; the director proposes to the FWF Board to terminate FWF membership.

How standards are reported by WRC (Core Policy)

1) Verification Audits:
WRC publish reports of our investigations, including detailed summaries of the evidence reviewed.

2) Supply Chain
WRC makes the factories and supply chains used publicly available.

3) Annual Reports:
The WRC makes annual, public reports on the working conditions in the facilities. When a factory is found to not be upholding the Code of Conduct, the company or companies โ€“ often major international brands โ€“ who sub-contracted to that factory are usually threatened with the termination of their licensing contract(s) unless they exert pressure on the factory to improve work conditions.