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Product Innovation

We innovate at all levels, whether it’s buttons made from waste organic cotton off-cuts, or paper swing tags made from recycled materials. Even our technology is cutting edge with TeeBot technology managing your order so nothing gets forgotten. We endeavour to take everything to the next level.

TeeBot Technology

We love people, which is why we want to give them awesome jobs, and leave the boring (but essential) bits down to awesome technology. Which is why we created TeeBot. TeeBot is the helpful print robot that helps us manage your order, so whether it’s chasing up artwork files or ensuring you’ve got your invoice, TeeBot is here to make all of our lives easier. 
It’s technology like this that sets us apart from other printers. Not only does technology like this enable us to provide a more efficient service, it also helps us reach our environmental goals. We’re able to save time and resources (like paper) previously spent on tasks like these, and can invest it back into doing more awesome things to drive innovation and sustainability. Additionally it means a happy team, as they can work on the tasks important to them. It’s worth noting, TeeBot doesn’t replace people, it helps them. That’s technology at it’s finest.

Remanufacturing & The Circular Economy

A staggering 99% of textiles products end up in landfill. With that in mind, making durable products that will stand the test of time is critical to us. However, while making things that are low impact, and that slow down waste is a good start, it doesn’t change the problems that occur at the end of a products life.
Due to the huge diversity of fabrics clothing is made from it can be tricky to recycle - especially products containing multiple materials. However, for those conscious businesses looking to recycle their products at the end of it’s life, we can help. We offer garment recycling, closing the loop, ensuring a totally circular economy. Read more about this here.

Accelerating Industry Change

We believe in collaboration in order to improve standards and drive innovation. Many of the challenges we want to address, are far too complex for any single brand or organisation to solve alone. With this in mind we collaborate with a number of organisations, stakeholders and strategic partners, helping us to not only drive change within our own business, but to lead change on a systematic level industry wide.

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