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The ultimate guide to sustainable workwear & uniforms for B Corps

Whether you're embarking on the journey to greener practices or refining your existing approach, this guide is your roadmap to fostering environmentally conscious workwear that resonates with your commitment to people, communities and the planet and your reflects your B Corp ethos. 

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This guide includes:

Why sustainable workwear matters for B Corps: Uncover the impact your uniforms have and how to align them with your values.

Demystifying the sustainable standards: Understand key terms, certifications, and the ethical choices that matter.

From old to gold: Recycling uniforms: Learn about ways to make your workwear circular through recycling.

Building a sustainable program: Craft a roadmap for transitioning to eco-conscious uniforms, step-by-step.

Where to start your journey: Get practical tips and resources to make informed decisions.